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Lessons From Repurposed Labs

February 3, 2013

Repurposed Labs was an initiative I started with my friends Flavio Ishii and Krystian Olszanski back in the spring of 2011. Our goal was to increase public internet access in lower income areas of ...
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Redefining NSLocalizedString for iOS Framework Bundles

December 8, 2012

In the upcoming version of the Ushahidi iOS SDK, I ran into a snag getting translations to work inside my custom iOS framework. The trick is to ensure that you include the Localizable.strings in t...
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The Future Of Mobile

February 2, 2012

This past week I had the pleasure of speaking with the lovely Alicja Peszkowska from NetSquared, sharing my thoughts on problem-driven innovation and the future of mobile. This is a cross-post from...
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Looking Back At 2011

January 6, 2012

Well 2011 turned out to be a remarkable year, here is a recap of some of the things that kept me busy over the past twelve months. In January, the Ushahidi iOS app was officially released, glad to ...
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To the BongoHive crew

December 19, 2011

To the BongoHive crew, It truly was a honor having the opportunity to spend the last two weeks with you. As the Bemba proverb ‘amano yafuma mwilibwe yaya muchulu’ says, ‘learning happens in both th...
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BongoHive Workshop

December 2011

Two week Android mobile app development workshop in Zambia at the BongoHive in Lusaka.
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Driving Change

November 29, 2011

I’ve come to realize there are two kinds of people: those who wait for things to happen, and those who make things happen. When I met Lukonga Lindunda this summer in Nairobi, I soon realized he fi...
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August 26, 2011

This afternoon I had the fortunate opportunity to speak with the students at NairoBits sharing my thoughts on dharma and using your talents to help others. NairoBits is a youth based organization i...
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Mobile Design Principles

July 18, 2011

Tonight at the iHub Nairobi’s Mobile Monday I gave a talk on Mobile Design Principles, sharing some thoughts on designing for small screens. As more developers migrate from web to designing mobi...
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Saskatoon Needs Open Data

February 18, 2011

David Hutton wrote a great article in this week’s Star Phoenix on why Saskatoon needs to adopt an ‘open-data’ approach. I had the pleasure of giving my feedback why open data is not only important,...
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Lessons From A Freelancer

October 19, 2010

I had the pleasure of speaking this past weekend at Saskatoon Barcamp on Lessons From A Freelancer, here’s a summary of my talk. So, why become a freelancer? For one, it allows a flexible loca...


July 29, 2010

Back in the fall of 2008, my friend Kaushal Jhalla introduced me to an exciting open source project called Ushahidi that was developing a platform for mapping crisis information. Ushahidi, which me...
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