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Windows Mobile app for Ushahidi's V2 platform allowing viewing and submitting of incident reports from your Windows phone.

Ushahidi, March 2010

I first started volunteering for Ushahidi in 2009, devoting every Friday to building the Windows Mobile app for their mapping platform. When it was released, it was the first mobile app they had published which is something I am still proud of.

It was exciting working with Ushahidi in those early days, and proud to have been there for their early successful deployments including the Haiti Earthquake, Japan Tsunami, Australian Floods and Russian Wildfires.

One of my highlights from the project, was when I crowdsourced the translations the app putting out a request on Twitter. Instantly the community responsed and in real time people from around the world were collaboratively sharing translations on a Google Spreadsheet. In a short while we had crowdsourced translations for the app in German, Spanish, French, Italian and Polish!

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