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Emergency checkin system making it easy to triage communication so teams can stay up to date during a crisis.

Ushahidi, April 2018

TenFour is a powerful mass alert check-in system that allows teams to broadcast and receive responses across multiple channels including email, SMS, voice, slack, web and mobile app.

The system was developed following the Westgate attack in Nairobi, where fellow team members were trapped inside the mall. During a crisis like Westgate, communication is often fragmented so TenFour aimed to streamline how information flows.

Leveraging the knowledge from building the Ushahidi Mobile app, I was able to fast track the develop of the TenFour app utilizing a lot of the same providers and components.

This project was definitely one of the highlights of my career, in particular our decision to replace our existing Angular1 client with the Ionic mobile app transitioning it to a PWA, so the same code base could be used for the iOS app, Android app and PWA web client.

The fact we were able to transition our existing app to a PWA so easily is a testament to the architecture I had originally developed. After transitioning and deploying the PWA, we saw significant reduction of bugs with a major increase in the speed of development, something I am very proud of.

Dale is everything you could ever want in a software engineer: precise, diligent, on time, and uniquely creative in finding efficient, long term solutions to difficult technical problems.

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