Posts / April 26, 2013

OneStory app aims to help you tell your story

Great article in Metro News about launch of OneStory!

Every person has an intriguing, funny or inspirational story to tell.

And helping you tell your story is the idea behind a new Saskatoon created app called OneStory.

“Every body has a story. Every body has something that someone else can learn from,” said Katrina German, co-founder of OneStory.

The app itself was designed by Saskatoon developer and OneStory co-founder Dale Zak and allows the user to create beautifully stitched together video interviews with someone covering a variety of topics—from things you learned from your parents to how you met your spouse.

German said the idea actually stems from a shared desire between her and Zak to use technology for social good.

“I think we’re all human—we’re all connected by these stories. We’re already starting to see some trends in the sort of things that we as humans find important,” said German. “I think there’s going to be a lot of people who as they’re watching videos can get a lot of value out of it. Or as people are sharing their videos and their stories will get a lot of value. We really feel that it’s going to change the world because it gives people the chance to tell the story of who they are.”

Currently only available for the iPhone, German said there are plans to make the app available for android devices in the coming months. The app is available for download (for free!) on iTunes.