Posts / November 22, 2012

How To Change The World

Just finished re-reading How To Change The World, a must have handbook for all social entrepreneurs.

“In the end, business and social entrepreneurs are very much the same animals. They think about problems the same way. They ask the same types of questions. The difference is not in temperament or ability, but in the nature of their visions. In a question: does the entrepreneur dream of building the worlds greatest running-shoe company or vaccinating all the worlds children?

…What fascinates me most about the social entrepreneurs, at a personal level, is the way they hold to an internal vision no matter how many disruptive forces surround them. Somehow they find ways to construct meanings for themselves and hold to those meanings. On a daily basis, they manage to align their interests, abilities and beliefs, while acting to produce changes that accord with their deepest convictions.” – David Bornstein