Posts / April 27, 2011

Choose your own adventure

David duChemin wrote a brilliant blog post on choosing your own adventure, here’s an excerpt from that article.

“Too many people don’t listen to their dreams at all. Or they listen but allow the dreams themselves to get drowned out by the desire to fill their homes with stuff or even just to play it safe, or – and this is more likely – they listen to their fears.

The culture we live in would rather watch great stories on movie screens than live them. Why? I think it’s fear of risk. The bigger the risk the greater the potential reward but also the greater the potential for ‘Oh God, Oh God, we’re all going to die!’ or something similar.

Fear is the loudest voice in many of our lives. Fear of rejection leads us to buy some crazy stuff, as well as keep our voice down when it should be loudly telling others ‘I love you.’ Fear of the unknown keeps us close to home. Fear of fear keeps us in therapy.” –

Thanks to Krystian Olszanski for sharing this article with me 🙂