Links / March 22, 2019

Ushahidi Mobile on Google Play

With support for offline data collection -- including videos and photos -- Ushahidi for Android helps you quickly complete surveys from your smartphone in any location, with or without an Internet connection. The app saves data that you and your contributors collect with it and sends the report to the appropriate Ushahidi deployment. Ushahidi for Android also allows you to manage multiple Ushahidi deployments in one place. And a simple search-by-name tool makes it easy to add them. Ushahidi deployments are a suite of tools that allow people to collect, organize and visualize data in a single place. They help you build custom surveys, import data from third-party services (like SMS and Twitter), and then share it publicly in a map or timeline. Anyone can create an Ushahidi deployment at Once added to the Android app, a deployment’s survey data is available to explore in both map and timeline views. Any of the 5,000-plus deployments already created at can be added today to Ushahidi for Android.