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How to Build an Audience-Driven Business

Arvid Kahl, December 2021
Too many businesses start with a big idea and ultimately fail because nobody wants to pay for their product. What are they missing? The Audience-Driven approach of an Embedded Entrepreneur.  Instead of building solutions looking for customers, Embedded entrepreneurs find customers and build a solution with them. They join communities, observe, participate and take these learnings and transform them into products people need and businesses customers love. If you want to find your future customers, discover how you can help them, and build an audience while growing your business , I invite you to become an Embedded Entrepreneur. When you begin building your business with your future audience in mind, the guesswork ends. The Audience-Driven approach of an Embedded Entrepreneur is the path to a sustainable, customer-centric business.  In The Embedded Entrepreneur , you will
Arvid Kahl is a software engineer, entrepreneur, and writer who has been building (for) his audience successfully for years. He built a SaaS business to $55,000 Monthly Recurring Revenue with his partner Danielle Simpson. They sold the business for a life-changing amount of money within two years. Arvid wrote the best-selling book Zero to Sold while building a loyal following of tens of thousands on Twitter. The Embedded Entrepreneur is your practical guide to finding the right audience and building the product they need.