Posts / May 25, 2011

Mama Oliech

The other day we had a great fried tilapia and ugali lunch at Mama Oliech’s, which is just a short walk from the iHub in Nairobi. The incredible food is only rivaled by the incredible story how the restaurant came to be.

Apparently for years Mama Oliech use to sell her fried tilapia fish from a tiny roadside stand along Ngong Road. Her son, Dennis that grew up playing football in the slums of Kibera, became a local hero when he took his football career to a professional level. Using his new found wealth Dennis helped his mom open the Mama Oliech restaurant so she could continue to share her passion of cooking for others.

Next time you are in Nairobi, I’d highly recommend you stop for some of Mama’s delicious fried tilapia!